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Come build a platform for change!

Who we are

Our mission is to bring transparency to the world, break down professional barriers and inspire productive change. At Blind, you will be a part of building this platform for change.
We value kind, passionate, and pioneering people. It’s what makes Blind special, keeping our community authentic and our company focused on the right things.

Core Values

Our core values guide every aspect of our company and community. We carefully chose these five values to explain what matters to us and why our platform matters to the working world.

Honesty & Transparency

Supportive Community


Depth of Understanding

Global Impact

Open Positions

Take a look at our current job openings, and please apply if anything catches your interest!
If there isn’t a match right now, we’d still love to hear from you in our Future Openings section.
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For Future Openings
Remote - US / Canada

Interview Process

Our interviews are designed to give you the space to show us who you are: your skills, experience, interests, values and career goals.
We want to learn about you, and we want you to learn about Blind too.
Below is an outline of our typical interview process from application through offer:

Benefits and Compensation

At Blind, our employees come first, and that’s why we provide great benefits and compelling compensation including equity in Blind. Our benefits continue to grow and we will add more to the list over time as well.

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If you decide that you aren’t interested in working at Blind, that’s okay! With Talent by Blind we will help you find your next role! Sign up to get the support of our fully dedicated recruiting team!
Last updated: April 25, 2023