Blind is proving to be a trusted space for corporate employees to provide realtime and honest feedback they otherwise would not be able to because of bureaucracy and office politics.” - Forbes

What is Blind?

Blind is a trusted community of more than 8 million verified professionals. Professionals anonymously share advice, discuss company culture and gain exclusive insights to inspire meaningful change in the workplace. Leading companies turn to Blind’s employer tools to help them hire, understand and retain top talent. Our mission is to bring transparency to the workplace.
The platform strikes a balance between the freedom of anonymity and the context of a shared workplace. The result is a forum for surprisingly rich, relevant, and authentic conversations.” - TechCrunch

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What is Blind Hub for Employers?

Source from our talent pool of 30k+ qualified candidates from top companies. Or, let our full-service agency do the work for you.
Gain a competitive edge by keeping a steady pulse on real-time industry trends and employee sentiment.
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Manage your company page and reviews, seen by millions of verified tech professionals on Blind.
Showcase your employer brand and spark interest among the world’s most curated and highly-credentialed tech audience.
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