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Employer Brand teams at some of the biggest tech companies use Insights by Blind to:

Benchmark industry trends, competitive moments, and breaking news
Understand and explore differences in internal/external perceptions
Search for company mentions, comparisons, and keywords
Access conversations about differentiators and decisions to join
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Case Study

Situation: RTO (Return to Office)
A large American tech company had just begun their return to office initiative. Immediate employee feedback was highly negative: employees did not understand why they were being required to return to work, and many of them believed that this company’s peer competitors had significantly different RTO policies.
“Predicted Outcome”
This sparked a concern that the company could be seeing significant RTO attrition if they were in fact out of step with their peers. Given this, they started looking for information.
Challenge: Comparative Analysis
With RTO being a new phenomenon, there was no historical data to look at and only vague information available regarding the RTO policies of their peers through the news.
Solution: Blind
During a demo with Blind, they immediately saw that Blind had realtime data on RTO in the tech industry. Blind covered both their employee base in the private channel, as well as a huge amount of conversation from employees of all companies. They began analyzing the response to RTO from their employees, and from other companies.
The Result:
VALIDATION: When they concluded their initial study, they found surprising results. Company RTO policies were broadly similar, and broadly disliked by employees. Further employees generally believed RTO policies were better at other companies. This gave them the confidence to know that they were in line with industry peers.
DISCOVERY:  What they did not expect to discover was that RTO was making them vulnerable to losing candidates (and current employees) to growth companies and start-ups. Often those companies had remote friendly policies. RTO was providing a new opportunity for those companies to sweep up talent.
Find out more: The biggest names in tech are using Insights by Blind to drive their listening and intelligence strategies. To find out more about how Blind can support your strategies, schedule some time with our team or email