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Blind’s targeted advertising solutions spotlight your brand to over 9,000,000 verified professionals from the biggest names in tech.

  Who uses Blind?

25% of US Tech Employees are on Blind, and have built Blind’s community into a destination to seek and share career growth, interview prep, up-skilling, benefits, tax planning, and other job advice with highly-credentialed peers.

  Why advertise on Blind?

Blind’s unique position as both a community and career development tool provides you with valuable opportunities to engage with our highly-credentialed, upwardly mobile audiences.
Highly Relevant and Timely
World’s Best Talent
Proprietary Targeting

  Who can you target on Blind?

Our users are work email verified, allowing you to connect real, human, professionals - not bots!
Work with our team to build a custom list or target by company size, listed status, industry, or use other identifiers to pick from over 85,000 companies on Blind.
All Blind content is categorized into one of 55+ topics and categories. Ads can be targeted by audience (their subscriptions to these topics of interest) or by adjacency (ads appearing in situ among content that best suits your brands) themselves be targeted.
Any number of cities, metros (DMAs), states, or countries can be selected.
Target all posts containing specific keywords

  Employer Branding Solutions

Desktop & Mobile Web

Gain Reach and Awareness among SEO Users with Classic Display Ads
Home Page
Where visitors search for relevant and interesting information and user-contributed content
Where visitors spend an average of 3 minutes per page reading the latest and greatest


Engage with Logged-In Power Users where they spend the most time
The feed is where users spend more than half of their Blind sessions, and where we offer native outstream video, gif, and static display ads
The posts and comments are where users are actively engage with each other, and where you can engage using classic banners or our native, keyword-targeted action tag

  You know your brand story best. We give you the audiences, opportunities, and tools to amplify it.